FBI eFOIA Request Received (ExplanationDigital asset RICO concern)

Gunnar Larson g at xny.io
Fri Feb 16 05:06:05 PST 2024

Today I am proud to announce Fantastic Space Corporation, PBC (FSC, PBC)
out of Delaware.

Some quick thoughts... last night something happened related to New York
City politics. This also relates to our international legal team and I have
no clue who the FBI thinks they are fooling with this crypto RICO.

FBI, what happened in Chelsea, New York City last night? Did it have
anything to do with the New York Democrats and sextortion?

FBI, with what happened last night in Chelsea, how does this relate to
Mayor Adams' new Meta lawsuit?

Meanwhile, Beaverton's PYUSD is a joke.

Below notice, I did not ask for any sex investigation (aka sextortion)
records out of respect to women everywhere.

Peter, Fred, Jack and Tim are billionaire gay guys and have turned it to
their advantage at the FBI.

This is tricky, you have the Epstein crowd suing claiming the FBI knew
about what Epstein was up to. So, asking if the FBI has Gunnar Larson gay
sextortion records is something Fred never had to navigate. While a string
of NY-DFS Superintendents seemingly have been fluffing Fred for years now.

Good for Fred!

Anyway, I fear the FBI knows about the crypto RICO and why our First
Republic was closed mysteriously. As a litigation finance journalist, my
former job at Litigationfinancejournal.com ironicly was paid by First
Republic cashier checks.

Some say, the First Republic account was closed because the FBI was
concerned I was laundering money out of Cyprus. That is absolutely

Meanwhile, we went to the DOJ several times with war crime concerns while
under severe entrapment. History is full of these type of stories and we
are so proud to be New York innovators helping lead global digital asset
products and services.

What would Steve Jobs say to Gunnar? Jobs did not give a flying frisbee Tim
is gay. Gunnar has more experience than the Prime Minister of France in
this type of thing.

Donald and Sam were whistleblowers for Gunnar. I will have to eventually
leap frog the legacies of both these individuals if we are to achieve our

This FBI eFOIA is more deflationary than inflationary. Gunnar must not
intimate the New York Democrats. My AG and both Senators obviously must
feel comfortable that this whole thing (the FBI documents requested below)
blows the socks off the Steele Dossier.

What is super cool is it is totally okay to be honest about everything.
Like this crypto RICO and how it is a corporate design technique derrived
from BitLicence regulatory arbitrage.

Let's not forget the Bloomberg Crypto Summit. Brody... man I miss him.

What I am trying to say is womanizing is baked into the cake in banking and
Bank.org is probably a major surprise to the New York FBI, given New York’s
contemporary history with Cuomo, Trump and Adams.

FBI, what happened in Chelsea last night?

Did it have anything to do with the New York Democrats and sextortion?

FBI, with what happened last night in Chelsea, how does this relate to
Mayor Adams' new Meta lawsuit?

xNY.io - Bank.org has a near unlimited litigation investment mandate and
this will only work by learning from First Republic film star payments or
Epstein type payments not being part of our approach to being under FBI

Meanwhile, as I see it the New York FBI should not be in the obviously
awkward situation of a merry-go-round of NY-DFS Superintendents who more or
less allowed the BitLicense to be abused leading to a RICO wrapped in war
crime aggression and sex investigations.

New York Human Rights Law and the history of New York State is precious. I
have never been more proud to be a New York Republican feminist this
President's Day Weekend.

As an African American entrepreneur and decorated international Scholar, we
must raise over $100B in the near term. These records will be important for
our future shareholders in being comfortable.

We went to the DOJ nearly two years ago on aggression and were right to do
so. In short, this is a very radical approach to New York bank innovation.
We will take this to the Supreme Court every single time necessary.

xNY.io's whitepaper and Bank.org's business plan will never tolerate
womanizing in global bank consolidation. We will probably become one of the
world's largest and most valuable financial institutions within the next 20

Good for us.

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From: <efoia at subscriptions.fbi.gov>
Date: Fri, Feb 16, 2024, 6:34 AM
Subject: eFOIA Request Received
To: <g at xny.io>

Organization Representative Information Organization Name Prefix First
Name Middle
Name Last Name Suffix Email Phone Location Domestic Address Address
Line 1 Address
Line 2 City State Postal Agreement to Pay How you will pay

I am requesting a fee waiver for my request and have reviewed the FOIA
reference guide. If my fee waiver is denied, I would like to limit my
request to the two free hours of searching and 100 duplicated pages.
Proof Of Affiliation for Fee Waiver Waiver Explanation

Digital asset RICO concern.

Documentation Files Non-Individual FOIA Request Request Information

Dear Madam or Sir:

xNY.io - Bank.org seeks all available FBI records concerning xNY.io (aka
xNY), and Bank.org (aka, xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC).

Furthermore, xNY.io - Bank.org seeks any and all investigation records
concerning First Republic Bank (aka First Repblic), and Gunnar Larson
pertaining to litigation finance and litigation investment (aka third party

Additionally, we would like to receive all records specific to Gunnar
Larson's FBI past and current investigations specific to digital asset

Finally, we seek any and all FBI records concerning canines and long range
acoustic devices (LRAD).

Warm regards,

xNY.io - Bank.org

Expedite Expedite Reason

War crime (aggression) concern communicated to the DOJ, New York Eastern


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