Potential Uptick in IP Finance and Investment on the Way - Litigation Finance Journal

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Thu Feb 15 11:49:44 PST 2024

Check out my recent article and the mention of "metaverse and money":

Also, check out the Citibank highlights below!

Potential Uptick in IP Finance and Investment on the Way - Litigation
Finance Journal

Law Business Research’s IAM-Media.com has published new guidance that the
United States and European patent and intellectual property marketplace
will soon experience increased activity. West U Capital is making headlines
in the United States as a powerhouse with a patent and trademark pedigree
hard to match. In other news, Europe will soon open its Unified Patent
Court (UPC), which is rumored to represent over 24 of the 27 European Union
member states. Over 40 countries are eligible to join the UPC, helping to
solidify the notion that increased IP marketplace activity should be
expected forward.

IAM-Media.com has collated an outline of several
patent and trademark marketplace events for litigation investors to
consider. Specifically, trends point to an inflow of capital in patent,
trademark and intellectual property portfolio building. Trends also suggest
a growing disparity between United States and European risk as trends point
to Europe’s UPC being a conduit for aggressive IP claims against US

As an added bonus, Litigation Finance Journal has included 33 highlights
Citibank’s Metaverse and Money report that includes several IP and
trademark issues expressed by leaders in the United States, Europe and
Russia, that could become part of UPC portfolios.
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