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On Thu, Feb 8, 2024 at 4:52 PM Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim
& Survivor of Many <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> some of us are thinking of the previous one being in morning-spam
> rather than non-canon! it might not be hard to mutate to
> being-in-hyperprison at all! i would have traffick boss send the
> letter to somebody outside the hyperprison, so i'd make up a new name
> for a slavery boss peer than dict-of-dicto since dict-of-dicto is also
> in prison. tihs would open potential new story-smidges around not all
> of traffick boss's social group being in the hyperprison.
> [1641]
> oh and then we could add wordage around the missive being surveiled
> and stimulated via [guilt induction? maybe translate to story] ai,
> both in tb writing it, and in a rebel worker 2 or groupee engaging it
> [i had rare opportunity to see authority side of this at the
> anti-trafficking lecture where the trafficker got >100 years for all
> the victims [--
> it's of--
> well i dunno :S it's a present topic on both sides, i guess it happens
> because we have so much struggle to engage normal relations naturally.
> maybe easier to resolve around a less charged topic unsure [[[[[[[[[[
> 1644
> traffick boss 2
> all sorts of
> oops
> traffick boss's foot is meditating.
> it's sitting bent on something
> maybe it is meditating on mind control
> traffick boss's foot: "[[[[traffick boss won't know i'm thinking
> because i'm just foot neurons -- oops !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;p ;p ;p ;p
> ---
> pudding landscape
> it's 1980s 3d artwork and pudding
> there are wireframe hillsides everywhere
> but they are made of pudding
> ---
> okokok you got me, the last xkcd was fun. it combined the concept of
> log cabin with self-referential-fractal in a vague way similar to the
> modern impossible challenge concepts
> [i posted on explainxkcd [disputed some] that you could make the log
> cabin like a holodeck, with [robotic walls that moved things around so
> it looked as if the cabin was infinitely large
> of course there have been horror movies of [robotic structures that trap you]
> but we could try to make the robotic walls really secure so [that they
> didn't trap you and behaved reliably ;S
this was not at all meant to be a semicolon before the S. it was meant
to be a colon :S. trapping people is never for winking never. i have
some trouble controlling my hands i call it dissociative palsy cause
my introject learned about neuroplasticity early.
> maybe they could have a checking system that set off an alarm if the
> user wasn't being treated fairly
> it sounds a little fun, you could like run into the house, and keep on
> running deeper and deeper forever and ever, like in a chasing
> nightmare, and if somebody wanted to find you they would have to do
> the same thing
> of course th erobotics would hae to compartmentalize the available
> space if two people entered and were at radically different recursive
> depths
> easier if they can make the outer structure bigger somehow, to e.g.
> accomodate any number of people, although that might require
> collecting more logs for the cabin
> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
> maybe we could 3d print a tiny version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> 1649 -0800
> traffick boss pulls a leg out of the pudding
> looks around for his head
> traffick boss's head (across a cavern, on a shelf): "experimentee,
> where is my head"
> traffick boss jumps in surprise that his voice came from acr
> 1649
> 1650 [1649 is requested to write, this doesn't look correct (1649.5)
> but i guess bears meaning]
> 1651
> we have relation that {there could be a major concern around {traffick
> boss threads.
> {there could be a major concern around traffick boss threads.

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