Concern of BitLicense Marketplace Manipulation

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Subject: Concern of BitLicense Marketplace Manipulation

News out today about BitGo is annoying, SEC. We messaged the SEC back in

​​​​​​​Full Del. High Court Asked To Revive $1.2B Crypto Merger

By Leslie A. Pappas

Cryptocurrency wallet provider BitGo deserves the chance to go to trial
with digital assets firm Galaxy Digital over their broken $1.2 billion
merger because the dispute involves complex questions of administrative,
agency and securities laws, as well as regulatory guidance, BitGo told
Delaware's highest court Wednesday.

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July 25, 2021


United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
14420 Albemarle Point Place
Suite 102
Chantilly, VA 20151-1750

Re: Concern of BitLicense Marketplace Manipulation

Dear Sir or Madam:

Virtual currency fraud is a serious problem for such a developed country as
the United States, whose bank regulators have drawn attention to the
increase of these crimes. Having discovered that an unregulated virtual
currency sphere (such as in Africa, or other developing markets) is very
popular among virtual currency fraudsters, the New York State Department of
Financial Services (NY-DFS) concluded that this kind of regulatory fraud
was threatening U.S. national security.’s NY-DFS Shelf Charter application journey has prompted us to
contact the SEC with concern of common Directors at Facebook and PayPal
(incl. Xoom) who have potentially manipulated the New York State Common
Retirement Fund and New York State Teachers Retirement Fund through
BitLicense marketplace manipulation tactics and computer crimes.'s key definition of virtual currency computer crimes is a
consistent message across markets. These crimes are relatively new, having
been in existence for only as long as Bitcoin has—which explains how
unprepared society and the world, in general, is towards combating these
crimes. We see this as no fault of NY-DFS and the original BitLicense

Facebook and PayPal along with Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo have leveraged
BitLicensee connections to profit daily from virtual currency market
manipulation structures with cross-border reach.
PayPal's “Conditional BitLicense” may now be employed as a marketplace
manipulation instrument. Meanwhile, common Directors at Facebook, PayPal
(incl. Xoom) and Diem seemingly have collaborated in orchestrating a
virtual currency marketplace manipulation exercise.

The New York State Common Retirement Fund and New York State Teachers
Retirement Fund are significant investors in Facebook, PayPal, Goldman
Sachs and Wells Fargo.

>From their California headquarters, Directors at PayPal (incl. Xoom) have
potentially leveraged a Conditional BitLicense award in collaboration with
common Directors at Facebook to engage in marketplace manipulation
techniques. The Diem Association further shares common PayPal and Facebook
Directors in a potential chain of virtual currency computer software and
market manipulation architectures. must take the necessary steps to guard against fraud and to be
extra vigilant about manipulation. We seek SEC guidance on the
aforementioned concerns as we organize a reputable Board of Directors for
NY-DFS approval.

Respectfully yours with appreciation,

Gunnar Larson - |

MSc - Digital Currency
MBA - Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ip)
G at +1-646-454-9107
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