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> i'm trying to get myself with a phone again and have hit some snags.
> a month or so ago data stopped working on my hpp-l55b, so i took an
> image, reflashed it, tried to sort it out.
> with a fresh OS it still didn't work. my next plan was to try other
> phones with the same sim and see if it had data on them.
> it took me a while to do this due to psychology.
> today, i've dedicated a night to working on it, and brought a second
> phone of the same model to a library.
> it turns out the new phone was likely made for german distribution,
> all the text looks german after first boot.
> strangely, i can't connect mtkclient or even the official mediatek
> sp_flash_tool to it! maybe they are us-regional? they give an error
> code of 0 and a corrupt number on connect.
> i also can't connect my old phone to these flash tools either. it no
> longer shows as a serial port when i connect it. maybe the
> initialization code got corrupt in an interrupted flash? maybe a virus
> in my system disabled it?
> i have more of these phones. next i suppose i'd try one that isn't from
> germany.
> it's discouraging my old phone doesn't show up. i really wanted to
> troubleshoot the data issue, and without the phone to test i don't
> know whether it just starts working again, or if it was because of the
> specific phone.

i eventually remembered that i originally figured this out utilizing
resources that were dedicated to helping with generic situations like this.
i’m thinking i can try to sort these things out and am excited
to do so.

> there is also sketchy stuff in the online communities more, for
> example the main twrp dev chat says it is inactive and twrp no longer
> has devs O_o. just in these past few months ?? when i joined a year or
> two ago (and then left until now) they were so active. it's like i
> joined and then they broke.

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