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Tue Feb 6 20:30:15 PST 2024

i'm trying to get myself with a phone again and have hit some snags.
a month or so ago data stopped working on my hpp-l55b, so i took an
image, reflashed it, tried to sort it out.
with a fresh OS it still didn't work. my next plan was to try other
phones with the same sim and see if it had data on them.
it took me a while to do this due to psychology.
today, i've dedicated a night to working on it, and brought a second
phone of the same model to a library.
it turns out the new phone was likely made for german distribution,
all the text looks german after first boot.
strangely, i can't connect mtkclient or even the official mediatek
sp_flash_tool to it! maybe they are us-regional? they give an error
code of 0 and a corrupt number on connect.
i also can't connect my old phone to these flash tools either. it no
longer shows as a serial port when i connect it. maybe the
initialization code got corrupt in an interrupted flash? maybe a virus
in my system disabled it?

i have more of these phones. next i suppose i'd try one that isn't from germany.

it's discouraging my old phone doesn't show up. i really wanted to
troubleshoot the data issue, and without the phone to test i don't
know whether it just starts working again, or if it was because of the
specific phone.

there is also sketchy stuff in the online communities more, for
example the main twrp dev chat says it is inactive and twrp no longer
has devs O_o. just in these past few months ?? when i joined a year or
two ago (and then left until now) they were so active. it's like i
joined and then they broke.

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