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Tue Feb 6 19:53:07 PST 2024

iS sChRoDiNgEr'S cAt A zOmBiE?

some creatures are both alive and dead at the same time. in fact, you
may have met many creatures with this property, due to strange new
meanings of words!

it is confusing when this is the case, way way too confusing. but one
can approach it logically.

when something is both alive and dead, this simply means that it has
both opposing properties. examples?
- a zombie
- schrodinger's cat

zombies are reanimated dead: "un"-dead. they are described as being
dead, but act like they are alive. this conflict between defined truth
and observation produces the presence of both properties at once.
compare, schrodinger's cat.
unlike the zombie, the semidead cat is unobserved. inside the box, two
timelines coexist uncollapsed. one in which the cat is alive, and one
in which the cat is dead. they are both there! when the box is opened
-- well, don't open the box or the cat might be dead. meanwhile, if
you leave the box closed, the cat can live out a life in a timeline
where it didn't die, to the full extent of the lifespan of a boxed

zombies are alive and dead on one, the same, timeline
schrodinger's cat is alive and dead on separate, distinct ... wave
functions? but holds both simultaneously in the same region of space.

me, i said i was dead, and in this i meant hopelessness and
meaninglessness and severe severe harm, but biologically my body was
still breathing and walking around of sorts!

>_> <_<

is this the real meaning of zombie?????

these funny meanings may come from realms of highly-suggestible
people; mind control victims [that oppressive speakers might describe

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