Adressing quantum computer threatens crypto FUD spread by total fucking morons

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Feb 6 16:33:17 PST 2024

Happy to keep this thread going as long as it takes. Before it Peters out. 

There are quantum key distribution systems that are expensive and still open to attack in some esoteric and expensive respects.  As I said, Moore's Law should apply to these. Minimize the risk. Maximize the utility value. Especially as soon as quantum networking systems start up. Quantum encryption remains the gold standard, Petey. No matter who hasn't heard of it, or who wants to class it with vaporware like fusion reactors are at present. 

My main point remains that FUD about some alleged quantum threat to encryption is worse than a crime - its a mistake.

Quantum mechanics is the Holy Grail of encryption. And increasingly of broader physics as well. SEAR

 Charles K. Rhodes
2003 - Cryptographic Unification of Mass and Space

2010 - Cryptographic Theoretical Calculation of the Fine-Structure Constant

2012 - Direct Cryptographic Computation of the Cosmological Constant ( PDF )

If you like the argument that cryptoanarchy can't work without a quantum network you might also like the argument APster required digital cash - there is still the odd ' Flatearther ' rattling around for that one. 

Just ask Jim Dumbell.

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