Adressing quantum computer threatens crypto FUD spread by total fucking morons

pro2rat at pro2rat at
Tue Feb 6 05:28:02 PST 2024

Quantum encryption is the current gold standard. As Moores Law applies the expense of this will fall. Its also reasonable to expect more quantum computers online means more quantum encryption becomes standard.
So far the rise of quantum looks exceedingly promising for global cryptoanarchy. Yes?

And with the rise of our chosen ideology comes its cybernetic which is APster.
Bad actors risk their lives spreading ordinary peoples data decrypted by any means.
Cypherpunks promise privacy for the poor and transparency for the powerful.
Always have. Always will.
Propaganda for the powerful spreaders are also bad actors.
 Even just being an obscurantist, obfuscatory reactionary is increasingly dangerous.
Why there are active deadpools on Agents Semich and Grarpamps.
Viva la revolution!

Btw, theres a good chance the known universe works like quantum PKI. Seth Loyd 2007.
In that case our political economy increasingly borrows from quantum gravity.

Chance favors the prepared mind.

Welcome to the revolution 

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