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what’s the problem with this idea?

noninvasive cell-resolution brain imager (mistake)

thereks already a brain activity imaging technology that uses infrared light

actually we want to find the mistake. another similar idea rose ( we think
the issue could be it takes too high-resolution of a camera / too long for
thr person sitting there, maybe resolv

20240205 1642 -0800

we’ve thought about this and suspect it to work, but not certain. (more
concerns rose, for example data on

ok. so the basic idea is:
- a wavelength of light that can pass through the whole skull b
1655 1656


this fresh paper uses x-rays in a really advanced-sounding way:
Multi-resolution X-ray phase-contrast and dark-field tomography of human
> As the diameter of thin axons(~ 1 micrometer) is very close to the
> limit of the HR phase-contrast images, their segmentation was not possible

But it sounds like they were possibly able to count and measure individual
cells, kind of. image from paper attached.

this was just the first paper i found and i have a lot of understanding to
i’m curious about the micrometer wavelength of light region.
i wonder if the brain structure were modeled with a wonky new transformer
that the analysis could significantly simplify: it would for example then
be much much easier to integrate different modes of observation. this could
be trained on nonliving (or nonhuman :/) tissue via microscopic images of
cross-sections after noninvasive measurement.

i bet there are more cool papers out there showing cellular-level living
bioimaging (of the brain).
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