Arab Israeli War 2023

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The guilty war party over 1400+ year history is Islam,
the victims of that history were the original Philistines,
Jews, Christians, Euros, Meds, Asians, MidEast, Africa,
and everyone else. And Islam is still fooling, invading, and
taking over everyone with both violence and subterfuge today.
Islam is not a peaceful religion, it is an insidious distributed
Govt committed to conquest, a bloody cult cloaked in its own
lying, and exposed via its debunked texts. Read history, and
separate your lands from Islam if you want to live in peace.

Greta Thunberg poses with a keffiyeh and a Palestinian flag, to show
her support for Hamas, while protesting climate change. Does that mean
no more fuel goes into Gaza for "aid"? More pumping water into Hamas
tunnels to combat the rising sea levels?
Pro-Hamas Muslims and "Queers for Palestine" agitators, gathered
outside an event for the Human Rights Campaign at the Hilton hotel, in
Midtown Manhattan. The protesters were heard chanting, "Queers stand
with Palestine". There are no Queers out in public in ANY Islamic
country, the punishment is death.
"WE WILL GIVE THEM NO PEACE!" - Jews Targeted in Beverly Hills

Pro-hamas child: "There are millions of us... We are building power...
Together we are creating the conditions for our 'liberation'." NYC
today. Muslim children in the US are being trained to be terrorists.
Wake up America!

ITIC - Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center @terrorisminfo
Many Hamas supporters are outraged about IDF operating inside civilian
houses in Gaza, but this video of Al-Jazeera, published in Nov. 2023,
shows exactly why. Hamas has turned all of Gaza into a giant military
base, and seeing the weapons and military equipment uncovered by the
IDF in several houses, proves that many of Gazan civilians are
de-facto assisting them in battle.
🇮🇱🇦🇪 Muslims and Jews dancing together at a Jewish wedding in
Dubai. ☪️Muslims who are true to their faith, renounce terror and
support the Jewish nation's right to exist in their ancient homeland.
There are always exceptions made for a good party and free food,
yet there won't be any intermarriage here, such love is forbidden,
the Islamic penalty for that is death.

The Middle East Media Research (MEMRI) published a translation of
Hamas internet campaign to provide guidelines for Gaza’s social media
users. Gazans are taught, first and foremost, to refer to all
terrorists as innocent civilians. Personally I think it is very
important to respect the ever-growing list of Hamas terrorists gender
identities and ways of self-expressions. After all, being a male Hamas
terrorist, rapist, kidnapper - it's just their body. What is important
is their feelings and we must respect it. It is purely an internal
state of mind, and it can change from day-to-day, or according to the
agenda that serves Hamas terrorist purposes. Let's explore what is
included in Hamas terrorists identities umbrella: - Children - Women,
old women, pregnant women - Doctors - Patients in coma - Journalists -
Teachers - UNRWA / UN employees Of course this list is not final and
new identities can be added every day. It is important to remember,
that gender and self-expression is fluid and not binary. For example,
Hamas terrorists can identify at the same time as pregnant children
who work as journalists in the hospital, or as female teenager UNRWA
teachers grandmothers doctors in coma. It is important to create an
environment that respects, acknowledges and celebrates all the diverse
Hamas terrorists identities. Creating such inclusive culture prevents
recognizing them as Hamas terrorists and ultimately allows the
terrorists to avoid the negative outcomes of being terrorists and
murdering, raping and kidnapping Jews, and allows them to sacrifice
real children in Gaza, instead of facing the consequences by

🚨 Unveiling FACTS: Israel’s Multi-Ethnic Democracy ‘Apartheid’ Label
🏷️ Labeling Israel as 'apartheid' brutally undermines and insults the
harrowing struggles of true apartheid survivors. (Read final answer👇)
🇮🇱: Are Muslims elected to our government? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Can
Muslims freely practice their religion in Israel? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Are
all ethnicities treated equally under Israeli law? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Is
Arabic an official language in Israel? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Do Arab parties
have representation in the Knesset? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Can Muslims access
the Israeli judicial system equally? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Are Muslim women
afforded the same rights as other women in Israel? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱:
Does Israel provide state funding to Muslim religious institutions?
🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Are Muslims allowed to own land and property in
Israel? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Can Muslims serve in the Israeli Defense
Forces? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Are Muslim journalists free to criticize the
Israeli government? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Do Muslim citizens vote in
national elections? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Are there laws in Israel
specifically protecting minority rights? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Are there
Palestinians living in Israel as citizens? 🇵🇸: Yes 🇮🇱: Considering
the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Muslims and Palestinians in Israel,
comparable to those in many democracies, what do we call a state that
offers such equality and inclusion across all its citizens and
residents, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, while
facing existential security threats? 🇵🇸: Apartheid!! (Read part 2👇)
Netherlands: A Muslim urinates into a Meat Cooler !
Behaving only as a cave dwelling Muslim would.
R at ping young Christian girls, killing gays, killing Jews, wishing death
on the country that foolishly welcomed them.

Thankfully the people just voted in Geert Wilders to deal with these
uninvited people.

youtube:jkRvad9V_RI Do not tolerate the "soft-invasion" by
transients from backward societies. USA is to function as an
Autarky. No more immigration. Delete Article #1 of the 14th Amendment.

POS -ILLEGAL CRIMINAL Muslim, that why their country’s can’t wait get
rid of them.
They will never assimilate screwing every country they go to-up.
Denmark: Muslim migrant kicks and beats, urinates on wife,
forces her to wear hijab
A Russian muslim urinates in the water prepared for Epiphany
bathing "Unfaithful dogs, how do you like this holy water?
You will bathe in it like dirty pigs"
@RadioGenova Black Muslim Woman with Hijab urinates onto bus controls!

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