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May 21, 2022


SpaceX Corporation
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Re:  Potential SpaceX Interlocking Directors’ Intent to Manipulate

Dear SpaceX Board of Directors:

>From our New York headquarters, -, PBC embodies the notion
that rather than a merry-go-round, the process of change and innovation is
like a slide.

Today’s memo aims to notify the SpaceX Corporation of concern of potential
market manipulation that could impact cross-border digital asset
innovation, free speech in the United States of America, the global ESG
economy and Moon exploration. We do not see this as a stereotypical
democrat versus republican battle (as Mr. Musk alludes). We see this as a
risk arbitrage matter for -’s profit (subject to regulatory

Some may argue a scheme to leverage the protection of “free speech” has led
to Twitter deal advisors attempting a $44B LBO market manipulation exercise.
Further cause for reasonable concern is warranted if similar intent is at
play in the form of Tesla’s ESG scam claim. -  indicators
signal risk of possible intent to manipulate public and private markets
prompting clarification of the SpaceX Corporation’s intent concerning Moon
exploration and exploitation as a ESG digital asset vault.

To be very clear, SpaceX directors should understand -’s
work to protect cross-border digital asset innovation was born before
Twitter's prospective LBO. Our concern specific to the intent of Twitter’s
LBO deal makers is party to our work in New York to usurp Goldman Sachs and
JP Morgan Chase board directors who may be  potentially engaged in similar
market manipulation referenced here:

   1. - | DOJ Memo #4 - Goldman Sachs Deferred Prosecution
   2. - | Memo #2 - JPMorgan Chase Board of Directors ESG
   Marketplace Manipulation.
   3. -’s work also includes research into oil and nickel
   marketplace manipulation as an ESG concern.

The Twitter LBO includes Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase operating as
deal advisors. As referenced above, claims of Twitter robot scams and
claims of Tesla ESG scams display a pattern of questionable intent.
- asks SpaceX to clarify your board's intent concerning the Moon
and any connection to USDD (now in Moon phase). SpaceX directors may agree
that the Moon can also be defined as one of the most valuable ESG digital
asset vaults known to modern humanity.

Protecting the Moon from explo8itation is fundamental to Space exploration.
SpaceX is party to any potential Twitter deal maker advisors that may
exercise questionable intent risking the Moon’s ESG vault potential. - is concerned with interlocking directorate syndicates
that include SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, Goldman Sachs and BitGo. This setup
breeds a galaxy of third and fourth party risk(s) at the demise of pure
cross-border digital asset innovation. Twitter robots are not the focus of
the Orlando Police Department Pension Fund, who  suggests that Twitter’s
LBO is suspected of questionable intent as potentially illegal.


   Mr. Musk’s ingenuity as an entrepreneur is historic and greatly
   respected as a model inside our organization. As a Gates Scholar and
   Blockchain Scholar holding international law distinction(s) The concept
   of the Moon being an ESG digital asset vault is logic USDD seemingly

   For obvious reasons, we seek SpaceX’s board to confirm if the intent
   behind your CEO’s Twitter LBO and Tesla ESG claims and if SpaceX is party
   to a USDD type matter given your syndicate’s close association with USDP. - kindly asks the SpaceX Corporation board of directors to
respond within 15 days of receipt of this correspondence. Default in the
form of no response within 15 days is not an extortion technique on our
part. Rather, it is a design benefit in disclosing our intent post 15 days
to ask for approval to engage New York’s False Claims Act in response to
SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal and Meta interlocking directors potentially engaging
in digital asset marketplace manipulation (exemplified by USDP and USDD)
that may exploit Space and Moon exploration at -, PBC’s
overall expense.

Respectfully yours,

Gunnar Larson | <> - <>, PBC
- Digital Currency
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ip)
G at  +1-646-454-9107

 CC: Tesla Board of Directors
        Twitter Board of Directors
        Goldman Sachs Board of Directors
        JP Morgan Chase Board of Directors
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