[ot][ml] Current Video Object Segmentation Models

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Sun Sep 10 10:52:06 PDT 2023

> - HQTrack at https://github.com/jiawen-zhu/HQTrack . This is the third
> small cutting edge video segmentation research codebase I considered.
> The developers tout this as having the second best score in an
> upcoming leaderboard release at a major conference. It's sketchy they
> are sharing this result before its release. The codebase is highly
> recommended, and I didn't end up trying it. It looks similar to
> SAM-Track .

> # Upcoming leaderboard
> The upcoming leaderboard HQTrack uses for advertisement is VOTS2023 at
> https://www.votchallenge.net/vots2023/ . Results will be released at
> ICCV2023 in Paris on October 3rd, at which point people will learn
> which research is the one that outcompeted HQTrack. The results paper
> was opened to public review on June 30th but I did not immediately
> find it; it looks like, whether it is on the internet or not, the
> intent is to hide the results until October.

I found part of this leaderboard at
https://eu.aihub.ml/competitions/201#results . It is very small and
HQTrack is third. From https://github.com/yoxu515/aot-benchmark .

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