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how to write hello world

imperative computer programs are made of statements which the computer
executes on after the other.
a common paradigm is the function call; functions are bundled sets of
code that perform tasks. you can make your own.
a basic function is "print" which outputs text to the screen.

to make a computer program that says "hello, world", you commonly
write a statement that calls the "print" function, passing it
information on what to print, here the message "hello, world".

different languages have different syntaxes for how to write
statements and call functions, but it is very normal to surround the
function parameters, the information that is passed, in parentheses.

each function has its own expected parameters. programmers usually
memorize all of these after looking them up; the skill builds over
time and as the functions are used. you can look them up either by
finding the source code of the function, or by finding appropriate
documentation for it.

hello world in python:

print("hello world")

now, if we move to c or c++, the program gets a little larger because
these languages do not have an inbuilt print function, nor do they
start executing code from the top of the file.

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