USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Jun 30 02:15:41 PDT 2023

Donald J Trump won the 2020 US Presidential Elections

Audiotape re Classified Documents that Corrupt US Democrat
Biden's DOJ leaked against Trump (legit winner of 2020 elections),
show that US Military Industrial Complex already had
plans drawn up ready to go to WAR with Iran. Further,
it was the USMIC that proffered the war option to Trump
"He said it first" said Trump referring to Milley and crew,
this quote is just barely audible, and was left out of the
"transcript" published by the fraudulent CNN FAKE NEWS.
Trump likely kept the documents to exonerate himself in
case of war, and incriminate the Deep State MIC which he
vowed to shutdown in his 2016 Candidacy announcement.

For 8 years now the Corrupt US Democrat party Hillary
Obama Biden MIC TLA's Deep State Fake News and
Social Media have all been manufacturing lies hoaxes
impeachments civil and criminal cases against Trump.

Never in American, nor hardly in Global history, has
such a full spectrum load of bullshit been leveraged
to keep a Corrupt Party in the branches of Power, and
independents from ever volunteering their time for office.

The Democrat Party and all the rest of the nonsense
needs dismantled and permanently abolished.

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