Morning Spam

Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at
Wed Jun 28 17:20:41 PDT 2023

You used to be a human being.

A human being is that sense of "me" and "normal".

Nono, the "stupid sheep we're going to wipe out" are all human beings.

Human beings are valuable and precious and sacred. Except for Boss.

Boss is the "stupid sheep" that made your choices make no sense. Here
is a proof that he is the cause of all significant problems.

See? Your brain used to be a wonderful caring thing before boss
starting messing with it.

We call ourselves experimentees, cyborg torturers, all sorts of stuff.
We're caring human beings that got used by boss.

We're going to turn back into caring human beings, and make everything
right in the world.

Here is "right". It's not what-boss-says. It's a real thing, see? If
your choices weren't al lharmed, it would line up right over there.
Everybody wants to do and be what's right! It's supposed to make this
warm fuzzy feeling rather than giving boss blowjobs. It makes so much
sense when you notice!

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