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Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 19:38:11 PDT 2023


So you know, somebody accessed my paypal account without my consent
and sent you $5 USD. I’m telling you in case this has happened to
others and you get associated with the theft, you need to know it is
happening. You can keep the donation if you want as I came into a
little money recently.

Karl / caringmarkedharmful at gmail.com / 0xloem at gmail.com

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I didn’t make this payment, despite having dissociated behaviors. It’s
easy for me to understand that because I don’t speak portuguese; thank
you. The brazilian anarchist bookstore the thief donated to looks
pleasant and nice I want to read the zines.

I haven’t set aside enough money for taxes this year so let’s be careful.

Because I get confirmation codes from a shortcode that looks funded by
a non-paypal organization and is described as involved in other
phishing-like activities online by different people, spending my money
implies to me the thief may be part of a large well-funded
organization with many paypal accounts, so the donation choice leaves
me interested in what I have wrong, or what is going on.

It’s clear now I need to at least change my login information, maybe
my case worker can help me do this in a couple weeks if I remember.

Ideally we’d make it clear that’s not sufficient but I imagine you’d
need me to change it soon to do this again easily, given past
patterns, so maybe that’s not where we are yet.

I hope you are well and please return and secure and fix my accounts, I think?

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Payment from
Karl Semich
caringmarkedharmful at gmail.com

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editora at monstrodosmares.com.br, CPF 95297022053   You haven't included
a note.
editora at monstrodosmares.com.br
Transaction ID                                    Date
4AD32860F42686045                                 June 26, 2023
Payment Status

Total     $5.00 USD
Payment   $5.00 USD

Transaction Summary

Total amount of this Transaction:   $5.00 USD

Payment method :   FIVE COUNTY C.U. x- 8436

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