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Fri Jun 23 11:35:55 PDT 2023

Thought Email
List: Multi-Player Time Travel Project Planning
Subject: dialogue on basic idea was partial ideas pulled from the mptt project

So, basically we have a simulation of many other simulations.
In a complex world, there is so much environment that the situations
of the environment that a player did not engage can provide for pretty
much any bounds.
But we were thinking of engaging a simpler world.

A timeline is one large simulation, that contains many smaller
simulations. Agents, objects, anything. Most of these things are
controlled by the simulation.

So basically we have a simulation with parts.
The parts and the simulation share some prtoperties despite one
grouping the other:
- they can predict their state, or describe bounds on their state, at
a given point in time. they may need to interoperate to do this.
- their state is influenced by the state of other parts.
- they have known state at some given fixed points in time.

I guess I hashed the same part over again and did experience the
inhibition again. It was fun though.

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