EMAX and NYCCoin

Gunnar Larson g at xny.io
Mon Jun 19 03:17:12 PDT 2023

57. In another text message authored by Rechnitz, he bragged about his
associations with Promoter Defendants Mayweather, Kardashian, and Brown and
cavalierly refers to how he “bribed the mayor of NYC”:
Floyd fucks with me
Kim fucks with me
Ab fucks with me
Floyd and Kim going strong 10 + years
Shit happened.
I bribed the mayor of NYC and cops and got jammed up in 2016

On Mon, Jun 19, 2023, 6:13 AM Gunnar Larson <g at xny.io> wrote:

> Well, this keeps getting more interesting.
> You know, with xNY.io we we're worried about the Mayor. But with the eMAX
> token, we just found out the below
> So, with eMAX and NYCCoin it seems both Mayor's were up to something
> below:
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/13-QUHsoLPN3mR89t6qjcxwfC8j_jHQJE/view?usp=drivesdk
> "43. In 2016, Defendant Rechnitz pled guilty to honest services fraud in
> connection with a wire fraud conspiracy and bribery scheme involving the
> New York
> City mayor’s office and the New York Police Department’s Correction
> Officer’s
> Benevolent Association.7
>  Following his guilty plea, Rechnitz began to cooperawith authorities in
> connection with their ongoing investigation and later testified at trial of
> his co-conspirators."
> "44. At the trial of his co-conspirator Norman Seabrook, government
> prosecutors elicited testimony from Defendant Rechnitz describing
> instances in
> which he had lied to law enforcement officials, failed to report certain
> income,
> fostered illegal relationships with members of the New York City Police
> Department,
> bribed New York police officers in exchange for various illegal
> privileges, bribed
> New York politicians in order to secure access and the promise of future
> benefits
> from said politicians and their staffs, violated election laws by
> fundraising by way of “straw donors,” procured a police chaplaincy despite
> not having religious credentials, and solely for purposes of obtaining the
> prestige and privileges associated with that title, and lied about owning
> certain properties in order to impress others."
> See you later,
> Gunnar
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