Cryptocurrency: Gensler SEC Regulators Earn A Big F.U. - DEX And P2P Shall Prevail

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jun 17 21:40:36 PDT 2023

Prometheum is a Legal Trojan Horse to trick the public
into buying and adopting in pointless GocBankCorp Fiat
Shitcoins including CBDC and their Stablecoins. And
to provide the legal precedent needed to kill all other
exchanges and real OG cryptos.

Again, unless it's real OG crypto, it's just another Fiat. Prometheum Trojan Horse
Congress v Aaron Kaplan Prometheum Trojan Horse... Leviathan News Prometheum Trojan Horse
Prometheum - The Governments Trojan Horse for the Crypto Industry
The Government is trying to set up a Shell company to circumvent
their power struggle with the Crypto Industry. Bret and Uncle Dan host
Crypto and Cash on...

That same day, Prometheum announced that they had received approval as
a special purpose broker-dealer (“SPBD”) for digital asset securities.
This guy may just be the new #SBF_FTX #SEC #TrojanHorse #Prometheum.
Why did the #SEC award Prometheum with SPBD (Special Purpose
Broker-Dealer) License knowing it is a #China #CCP backed Company? Our
country is on the attack from the inside.
@CaitlinLong_ Prometheum seems to be a Trojan horse but doesn't
know exactly what they do and how it works

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