Cryptocurrency: CBDC Digital Fiat WARNING BELLS GOING OFF

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jun 17 21:09:37 PDT 2023

Nigeria limited citizens cash withdrawals to try and force adoption
of their central bank digital currency, the eNaira.

Thankfully Nigerians protested and eNaira adoption still remains low.

GovBankCorp  and Globalists are trying extremely hard
and with treachery to force certain countries to be the
first false flag bogus adopter exemplar of CBDC so they
can point to it as unfallible advertising to roll it out globally.


GovBankCorp Fiat has been weaponized against you,
the proof is all over even mainstream news channels.

Your freedom now literally depends on development and
use of non-GovBankCorp distributed private p2p crypto cash,
gold, and loud political fight back.

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