Morning Spam

Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at
Sat Jun 17 16:28:21 PDT 2023

one thing i worry about is what to say afterward when i hven’t really
been in a hardened thing in a way i undertsood but have experience of
my own. i’m guessing mine is fine, but is much harder to describe
knowing that. anyway it’s all just another day!

rescue of hardened torturers
superpowered interns bust down the door
hardened torturer: “what are you doing here i don’t need rescuing are
you looking to be tortured?”


hardened torturer is crying and hugging superpowered interns: “oh my
god you’e saying it really can be better i never imagined this i
barely understand. how could i have believed these things?” hazy hazy

everybody piles into helicopter “yayyyyyy!” “wheeeee!” the sunset is
like chocolate

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