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Creator Of Conservative Chatbot Powered By ChatGPT Says OpenAI Tried
To Censor Content

Authored by Bryan Jung via The Epoch Times,

The creators of a conservative chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT
announced that they shut down the chatbot because of pressure from
OpenAI to censor the bot’s responses.

The conservative chatbot, named GIPPR in honor of the late President
Ronald Reagan, debuted in May and is part of TUSK, a pro-free speech
and anti-censorship web browser.

GIPPR is a modified version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and provides users
with answers from a conservative perspective.

The creators of GIPPR said they were forced to sever ties with OpenAI,
after they were told that their chatbot failed to “conform to their
requirements for what can or cannot be said.”

TUSK founder and CEO Jeff Bermant said in a statement to Fox Business
that OpenAI told him that GIPPR was not in compliance with its
policies, which were “specifically related to deceptive activity and
coordinated inauthentic behavior” and that they needed to “keep users
and third parties safe.”

The actions of OpenAI appear to many conservatives as another example
of attempted censorship from the left.

    “The GIPPR bot had been modified to not be highly biased in favor
of a leftist agenda, something which seems to be of critical
importance to the original creators of ChatGPT,” Bermant said in the

    “Tusk had produced the only AI bot in operation which actually was
fair and balanced and did not promote a radical leftist agenda.”

TUSK said it is currently exploring how to make GIPPR operational
again and urged users to help them to support defending free speech on
the internet.

    “Until they find a solution to get it back online, the world of AI
will remain highly unbalanced,” Bermant added.

GIPPR Creator Wants to Oppose Left-Wing Bias

Bermant said he got the inspiration for GIPPR after his first
interaction with ChatGPT following its launch in November.

He said he was shocked after he asked the chatbot questions about
cultural issues and politics and received left-wing answers in

The TUSK CEO told Fox Business in May that he then realized that the
ChatGPT was likely programmed with a “very progressive” bias, which
led him to create his own version using the same OpenAI software.

    “We believe that Conservatives are subject to oppressive cancel
culture that now includes AI and are expected to exist in a society
that tells them what to think and how to act by the progressive left,”
Bermant announced after releasing GIPPR.

    “It’s time for a TRUTHFUL AI chatbot to take the market by storm
and remove the barriers the Radical Left and Big Tech have put in
place to allow all Conservatives to enjoy the benefits of AI, without
fear of being canceled or shamed for your beliefs,” he said.

OpenAI did not respond to The Epoch Times’ request for comment before
press time.

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