Rights group: World Bank, Jordan use flawed formula for aid to kingdom, excluding some poor people | AP News

Gunnar Larson g at xny.io
Wed Jun 14 05:24:33 PDT 2023

JERUSALEM (AP) — The World Bank and Jordan are using a “flawed” algorithm
to calculate aid for the kingdom’s citizens, excluding some people who are
impoverished, hungry or otherwise struggling, a leading rights group said

Human Rights Watch reported that the automated program ranks the income and
socioeconomic status of Jordanian families, a practice known as “poverty
targeting.” The report said that approach leaves out some needy people —
such as the owners of modest businesses — increasing poverty in a nation of
10 million citizens.

“Many people in Jordan are not getting financial support because their
hardships don’t fit an algorithm’s rigid model of what poverty should look
like,” said Amos Toh, senior technology and human rights researcher at
Human Rights Watch.

One Jordanian, identifying himself only as Abu Laith, or “the father of
Laith,” said he is among those wrongly cut off from benefits.

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