Assange's Case #FREEASSANGE

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Mon Jun 12 20:02:36 PDT 2023

Julian Assange needs your help.
Journalism needs your help.
Whistleblowing needs your help.
Free Speech needs your help.
Freedom needs your help.

Without your help Freedom dies.
Contribute something to helping free Julian Assange.
Assange: The Truth They've Been Hiding From You
Most of what you think you know about Assange is false.
Must-see backgrounder on the #AssangeCase and why
Julian #Assange must be freed! Thanks @naomibrockwell

Julian Assange: Extradition or Freedom?
New previously omitted evidence emerges in ongoing Spanish case
regarding illegal spying on Julian Assange and his lawyers.
Police omitted folder called ‘CIA’ from the computer of Spaniard who
allegedly spied on Julian... In a recent document dump delivered to the
presiding judge, more than 250 extra gigabytes of files related to the
surveillance of the founder of WikiLeaks were included — far more than
what was...
Amnesty International: "Were Julian Assange to be extradited or
subjected to any other transfer to the USA, Britain would be in breach
of its obligations under international human rights law"
#FreeAssangeNOW #JournalismIsNotACrime

Free Julian Assange!

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