Cryptocurrency: CBDC Digital Fiat WARNING BELLS GOING OFF

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jun 10 02:55:28 PDT 2023

Brace for "Dependence Day" as FedNow CBDC launches in July

Prepare yourselves for an impending "Dependence Day" as the launch of
FedNow Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) looms on the horizon this
July. While it may appear as a step towards financial independence at
first glance, we must confront the potential repercussions lurking
beneath the surface. Rather than celebrating true "Independence Day,"
the introduction of a CBDC raises alarming questions about privacy,
financial autonomy, and the consolidation of power within centralized
entities. It is imperative that we delve into these concerns and
collectively examine the potential ramifications of this upcoming
digital currency.

All too often, what they claim to be for internal-only non-user-facing
usage, ends up being enhanced and forced out upon end-users later.
If it looks anything like a currency or currency infrastructure,
it or some CBDC like it will be rolled out larger eventually.

"CBDC = government spying on us"

"This is the point that needs to be hammered home every time this
topic comes up. With a CBDC there is no more privacy, the government
will be able to see every transaction you make. Not only that they
will be able to freeze/seize your assets much easier than they can

"With CBDC, they will also be able control what you can or cannot buy
with the currency. It will give them 100% control of everything. We
need to fight it at every turn!"

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