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Fri Jun 9 01:48:34 PDT 2023

if we consider a=1, b=2, a+b equals 3 or 4
these things represent concepts in the real world
if we transfer arithmetic to the real world, the constraints aren’t
within the rules of the system anymore, they’re within the systems and
behaviors of counted items
for example, combining two items with makes 4 only if the items
interact in a way to mutate their quantity in ways that don’t
correlate with conventional arithmetic
you could force this to happen by crafting or finding an object that
replicates when combined, using an intangible system like something
with lenses and light, working with subatomic particles that obey
different rules, or monitoring a system and taking action such that
different rules are consistently applied in it

where is the bound? what is relevant rather than exotic? where is the
logical bound?

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