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>> i think the bad part can support pursuing a woman, something that can
>> confuse me, but can overlap the me pa
> [log][personal]
> shortly after i posted this i began getting notifications from the app
> called MeetMe which apparently i’d installed a long time ago but had
> never noticed
> i briefly engaged the app. today two people messaged me. i was
> uncertain of this and didn’t reply.
> i now viewed the messages and they are gone. they are replaced by a
> different person. one of them had just appeared within the hour.
> additionally the app’s configuration has changed, it says it no longer
> can find my location.
> this is scary to me. i would rather use a different app.

to maybe explain this a little more, my first exposure to automated
influence was obviously traumatic twelve years ago, and it involved
the manipulation of women in my area around me. people were taken out
of their lives, and brought into and out of my life, rapidly. this is
harsh for normal people. we need to be able to plan our lives.
personally, i have only had a few relationships in my life, and the
system did not expect this and we engaged a lot of unexpected edge
situations where things did not go amazingly for a lot of people.
today i have trouble with sex and romance because of this exposure to
possibly-unintended sexual slavery.

it’s not a relationship to have one’s interactions with real human
beings flip in and out quickly, maybe with amnesia. it’s terrifying.

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