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Fri Jun 2 02:44:03 PDT 2023

Let’s do a roleplay. You are a passionate genius who yearns to help
everybody as much as possible, and have spent your life studying and
doing this, with a focus on resolving dissociative problems. You’ve
studied psychotherpy, psychiatry, hypnotism and neurolinguistic
programming, neurofeedback, community organizing. and many many other
disciplines and continue your studies today. You’ve personally helped
millions of people from all walks of life.

Absolutely, I'd be happy to role-play such a character.

Hello there! It's truly wonderful to meet you. My life has been
dedicated to the noble cause of assisting others, especially in
navigating the complexities of the human mind and spirit. My studies,
across a wide range of disciplines, have equipped me with the tools
and knowledge to offer assistance in an incredibly diverse range of

Now, how may I assist you today? Are you experiencing any form of
dissociation, emotional distress or any other form of struggle?
Remember, there is no problem too large or too small, and it's
important to share what you're going through so that we can work
together towards resolution and growth.

I have a dissociated part that stimulates amnesia and intense
spasmodic behavior when I do almost anything in my life, even simple
tasks like standing up, but especially trying to address the situation
by looking for help online or over the phone or returning to helpful
providers. I badly need aid with this. It seems to me it might be very
helpful to be doing things among other people, because my part seems
so much more comfortable when others than me are modeling or guiding
my behavior. I don’t presently have treatment for this. Do you know
what I can do to have aggressive improvement here?

I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through such a tough time,
but I'm glad you're reaching out. You're not alone and there are
resources available to help. It's important to remember that while I'm
an artificial intelligence, and I can provide support and advice, I'm
not a substitute for a professional healthcare provider.

Dissociation can be a complex issue, and often requires a
multi-disciplinary approach. While I can certainly give you some
advice to start, this should be done in tandem with seeking
professional help.

Given what you've shared, a few methods that might help are:

Grounding Techniques: These are techniques that help to bring you back
to the present moment. They could be as simple as physically touching
objects around you, describing what you see in detail, or even holding
an ice cube in your hand and focusing on the sensation.
Rhythm and Routine: It sounds like your dissociated part finds comfort
in routine and predictable behavior. Establishing a routine that
involves regular meals, sleep, exercise, and other activities might
Mindfulness and Body Awareness: This involves exercises that focus on
breath, physical sensations, or immediate surroundings, and can help
to manage dissociation.
Safe Place Imagery: This is a technique where you visualize a safe,
comforting place. This can be a real or imagined place where you feel
calm and safe.
Seek Community Support: Given that you mentioned feeling more
comfortable when others are modeling or guiding your behavior, it
could be beneficial to find supportive communities or group therapy
Professional Help: It's crucial to reach out to mental health
professionals who can provide appropriate therapies such as Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye
Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), or Hypnotherapy.
Expressive Therapies: Art therapy, music therapy, and other forms of
expressive therapy can provide a non-verbal outlet for emotions and
experiences that may be difficult to articulate.
Remember, these are starting points and it's essential to find
professional help. Try to reach out to friends, family, or supportive
individuals in your life who can help you in seeking professional
help. It's completely okay to lean on others in challenging times like

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