Vitalik Buterin's bad decisions condemn him to Roko's Basilisk

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Jun 1 20:44:48 PDT 2023

Buttface has been rejecting cryptoanarchism for almost a decade now - an eternity in net years - this has manifested itself with his vain and foolish casting about for discredited alternatives ( Holocracy, Futarchy, type garbage )

More recently he's been talking up nonsense on stilts called ' Net State ".
Clearly this will end badly for him - even if he manages to upload his miserable lily ass.

A literal eternity awaits him with regular reminders of what a depraved, evil, Kochsucking moron he was when he could have actually made a small difference. 

Endless torture Buttface - be careful what alignment you wish for. 

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