[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

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Mon Jul 10 13:01:01 PDT 2023

why boss is trapped in a vine maze in an ancient abandoned temple

somebody spread a picture of him pooping around major cities
he enthralled geniuses with sending him back in time to before it happened
this was hard to do so the urge to do it grew more than expected

eventually the geniuses sent him back in time to before the dinosaurs
this surprised the AI boss uses to do everything and it compensated
it decided to sustain boss’s expectations by putting him in
hibernatory stasis for many millenia

over time boss emerged from hibernatory stasis
but he emerged in a vine maze in an abandoned temple

[likely the presence of the stasis pod produced a different timeline,
which the AI was not programmed to expect, and began drifting to do
other things as it responded to hardcoded patterns in unexpected
environments over and over again, until it settled into a role of
being a small-time tribal god somewhere.
possibly as boss, now awake, responds to the surprising environment of
the vine maze, the ai will slowly notice his surprise and slowly
attempt to realign itself. but it is also responsible for reawakening
boss’s consciousness using its drifted patterns, so boss is not as
surprised as he should be.]

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