Wokeism is Doomed

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 17:06:08 PDT 2023

>> US Supreme Court correctly strikes down "Affirmative Action"
>> for the institutionalized legalized oppressive racism that it is.

Today's Lesson: Racism
Q: Judging someone NOT by the content of their character
but by the Color of their Skin is called...
A: Affirmative Action (aka: Racism)

Nevermind that thousands of illearnables admitted without
qualification that won't graduate par anyways, at least not without
falsely pumped up and curve passing grade scores, foolishly
feed the coffers $$$ of the State's School brainwashing
indoctrination camp system against them for the duration
of their limited time there, left with lifetime school loan debts.
Follow the money.

Ditch school, read and practice books for free.

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