Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

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Sun Jul 2 16:24:27 PDT 2023

> Tommy Robinson was right about Islam.

Islamic Filth, following the False Prophet Muhammad and
his CopyPasta Manufactured God Al-Lah, wreck France...
This isn't a "migrant" question or whatever else the
Fake Apologist News+Pols want to try calling it, it's the question
of "Islam", whereby the only Final Solution to the problem is to
wake up to the Woke errors made and revoke all citizenships and
residencies granted to Muslims and physically ship them all back
across the borders from whence they came. Islam is literally 100%
against and incompatible with all other peoples, there is no such
thing as a "melting pot" regarding Islam. And Islam is proveably false.
Any amount of research and learning from Islamic texts will show you
that, and all honest Islamic authorities will declare its incompatibility
and ultimately terminal behaviour towards all non-Islam. Politicians are
ignorant of this fact. And the Leftist Woke imbeciles cozy up to Islam,
fools to the demise of their own Leftist Socialist "Freedoms" they will be.
All are fools who will let Islam wreck their own Freedom and safety
to be Free before waking up too late... the heads of Lefty Faggots,
Antifa, BLM, and "Democracy" will all be quickly enslaved and severed
per Islam, as will those of all non-Muslims who protest Freedom as
will Anarchism against Islam, and those of anyone who excercises
FreeSpeech, FreeReligion or lack thereof, and in fact anything that
goes against or is independent from Sharia Caliphate Islam... as indeed...

"Take them in chains until they convert, or kill them.  -- Islam"

Wake Up, Evict Islam now!

France In Crisis For Fifth Night As Violence Spreads To Neighboring Countries

Former President Trump was correct about France many years ago. He
said, "I wouldn't go to France. Because France is no longer France
…This world better be very careful and they better get very tough and
very smart."

    Trump was right about France seven years ago… h/t @rising_serpent
    — @amuse (@amuse) July 2, 2023

As the unrest in France sparked by the police killing of a teenager of
North African descent continued for the fifth day, Paul Joseph Watson
offered his view of why social unrest has quickly spread nationwide.
And spoiler alert, unlike French officials who blame "social media,"
PJW said, "This is what happens when you absorb millions of migrants
into a European county at an accelerated rate pace -- with zero plan
-- with zero prospects for ever integrating them."

    All hell broke loose in France over the last few nights since the
death of a 17-year-old french algerian boy shot by the police.

    Twitter: @PrisonPlanet

    Full video:
    — PJW Shorts (@pjwshorts) June 30, 2023

Rioters burned vehicles and buildings and looted stores nationwide for
the fifth consecutive night. Police arrested 719 people by the early
hours of Sunday, according to the French interior ministry.

Reuters noted the chaos was "less intense overnight" compared with the
1,300 people arrested on Friday night, suggesting riots are dying down
after more than 45,000 police officers, as well as dozens of military
armored vehicles, were deployed across the country to squash the

President Emmanuel Macron canceled his visit to Germany and met with
officials Sunday to develop strategies to suppress some of the worst
violence the country has seen since the 2018 "Yellow Vest" protests.

Here's footage of the chaos from last night:

    🇫🇷France Riots: A building was completely destroyed by fires in
Borderouge, Toulouse.
    — Truthseeker (@Xx17965797N) July 2, 2023

    #FranceRiots: CCTV captured rioters try to tear apart the fencing
put around the L'Haÿ-les-Roses city hall in the Paris suburb.
@VincentJeanbrun, the conservative mayor, had his family home targeted
overnight in an arson attack as his wife and young children slept

    — Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) July 2, 2023

Vincent Jeanbrun, mayor of the southern Paris suburb of
L'Hay-les-Roses, said rioters tried to assassinate him and his family.

    "Last night, a milestone was reached in horror and ignominy. My
home was attacked and my family was the victim of an assassination
attempt," he wrote on social media.

    #FranceRiots: Overnight as race riots descended into the fifth day
in France, the family home of @VincentJeanbrun, Mayor of Paris suburb
L'Haÿ-les-Roses, was attacked. Rioters set a car on fire & rammed it
into his home, trying to burn it down. His wife & young children were…
    — Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) July 2, 2023

    Summary of the fifth nights of riots in France:

    - 871 fires on public roads
    - 577 burned vehicles
    - 74 burned buildings
    - 719 people arrested
    - 45 police officers and gendarmes injured

    — Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) July 2, 2023

    Watch till the end! This is an example of North African rioters
involved in recent riots in France. That innocent looking teenager had
a machete to use it for chopping hands of anyone trying to stop him
from looting and rioting!
    — Babak Taghvaee - The Crisis Watch (@BabakTaghvaee1) July 2, 2023

    Police beat back looters in Montpellier, France.

    The southern coastal city is near Marseille, an epicenter of the
French riots.
    — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) July 2, 2023

    🚨 FRENCH RIOTING: The town of Marseille, France is experiencing
INTENSE riots tonight where criminals have raided a gun store and now
armed themselves with rifles.

    A Volkswagen dealer has just been looted and a MASSIVE residential
building is burning TJ the ground in Lyon…
    — Nick Sortor (@nicksortor) July 2, 2023

Meanwhile, social media reports showed violence is spreading to
neighboring countries of Switzerland and Belgium.

    Tumultuous unrest that originated in France has now extended its
reach to Switzerland. The waves of protests and upheaval have
infiltrated Lausanne, marking an alarming escalation of the French
riots' influence.
    — Russian Market (@runews) July 2, 2023

... and there's this from 2017.

And in a chilling 2021 report, 25 retired French generals warned
Macron in an open letter that the country is headed for "civil war"
because of the influx of migrants. So what did the president do in
response? He threatened to punish active soldiers who signed an open
letter, according to France 24.

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