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Date: Fri, Aug 5, 2022, 8:25 AM
Subject: xNY.io - Bank.org: New York State Saftey Concern
To: <letitia.james at ag.ny.gov>
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Dear Madam Attorney General:

As xNY.io - Bank.org has continues to help pioneer digital asset innovation
out of New York City, it has become apparent that our personal saftey is a
concern. Specifically, we are aware of various threats to our saftey via
alternative techniques concerning entrapment.

Obviously, we support all vetting and effectiveness of intense
interrigation from the effencent technology that is pioneering the next
generation of saftey and surveillance. Yes, we are on the cutting edge of
New York innovation and are proud to be engaged in group actions (NYPD,
Trooper, FBI, DHS and other) monitoring xNY.io - Bank.org activities.

Meanwhile, also as a litigation finance journalist living in Chelsea I have
noticed particular threats to personal saftey. The FBI and NYPD have been
very helpful in taking reports of these concerns and have offered general
comfot to personal wellbeing.

That being said we are aware of Palantir's system capabilities and respect
the watchful eye of New York City authorities. However, we cannot be sure
of the level of abuse to our enterprise. Furthermore, the Superintendent of
New York State's Departmentof Financial Services holds certain conflicts to
xNY.io - Bank.org security from our last correspondence with your office.

We aim to not exacerbate the NYPD and FBI who are aware of the conflicts
mentioned as we challenge our competitor's board directors under the NY-DFS
Superintendent's auspicies.

The "PayPal Mafia" is in the crosshairs of xNY.io - Bank.org and the
Superintendent is not necessarily providing the NYPD and FBI a safe space
for our efforts.

Your office may find
158 highlights to DONALD J. TRUMP, vs. HILLARY R. CLINTON insightful to the
RICO approaches:

xNY.io - Bank.org is at the liberty of the esteemed New York State Attorney
on the techniques currently in use. For added information we have
corrinated 212 highlights to "The Entrapment Controversy" here:

Madam Attorney General, as a Bill and Melinda Gates Scholar and Blockchain
Scholar with further international distinction as a pricipal to the launch
of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law, I am
confident that xNY.io - Bank.org's RICO approach usurps Mr. Trumps at
global scale.

 xNY.io - Bank.org's access to litigation investment is not to be
adversarial to New York State at any level. For these these reasons we
kindly seek the Attorney General's Office urgent assessment of the matter.
Additionally, we note the pending actions to our New York False Claims Act
requests to challenge the PayPal Mafia's potential RICO at the libery of
xNY.io - Bank.org's global enterprise.

Further NY-DFS FOIL requests are pending and we fear the Superintendent's
Goldman Sachs and Brex associations are party to Mr. Trump's RICO approach.

Sending you warm regards.

Thank you,

Gunnar Larson
xNY.io - Bank.org

On Wed, Aug 3, 2022, 10:46 PM Gunnar Larson <g at xny.io> wrote:

> Dear Attorney General James:
> xNY.io - Bank.org has been reporting concern of collusion between Peter
> Thiel and Donald Trump with respect to the Moscow Exchange. Mr. Trump has
> filed a similar RICO claim concerning Russia and Ms. Clinton.
> https://www.npr.org/2022/03/24/1088694473/trump-lawsuit-clinton-democrats-russia
> This is a very serious problem.
> We have contacted Meta Platform's Board and Palantir Technologies Board
> Directors
> Meta has responded signaling awareness of the Moscow Exchange and the
> concern.
> Palantir has yet to respond. Russia's President labels Palantir and Meta
> potential extremists organizations.
> Meanwhile, we have contacted the New York State Department of Financial
> Services (NY-DFS) concerning Ms. Harris' former Brex role.
> NY-DFS has responded and we have appealed for Ms. Harris' resignation.
> We seek the Attorney General's office urgent assessment of the Moscow
> Exchange concern. Meanwhile, we will notify the FBI who I understand may be
> aware of the efforts.
> Respectfully yours,
> Gunnar Larson
> xNY.io - Bank.org
> 646-454-9107
> On Sat, Jun 18, 2022, 4:44 PM Gunnar Larson <g at xny.io> wrote:
>> Dear Attorney General Letitia James:
>> xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC seeks to earn your esteemed approval to engage the
>> New York False Claims Act under urgent pretences.
>> Today's correspondence marks the first time in history, a self-titled
>> "mafia" (aka, the "PayPal Mafia '') is compelled to answer publicly the
>> decision to manipulate both the New York False Claims Act and the Martin
>> Act against one another.
>>    - Madam Attorney General, your leadership approach has historical
>>    context
>>    <https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/10/climate/exxon-climate-lawsuit-new-york.html>
>>    to logic and ultimate Exxon Mobil vs. New York State
>>    <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nLp9RIYw8mAh1SRG8E9PMEK94SV-viUN/view?usp=sharing> case
>>    precedent.
>>    - xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC research and development notes our hawkish
>>    approach to ESG, D&O and LBO innovation.
>>    - xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC sees this not a democrat vs. republican
>>    concern as Mr. Elon Musk (CEO, SpaceX and Tesla) claims. False pretense to
>>    protect free speech are now being debated as party to a $200B pryamid
>>    scheme.
>> Ms. James, on May 21, 2022 xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC
>> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lv9Wt6y1ld4bNap0z3epIxttEGiP_oVpfxH0GTSK9lk/edit?usp=sharing>
>> contacted the SpaceX Corporation with reasonable concern of CEO Musk's
>> intent behind the $44B Twitter LBO. The Orlando Police Pension Fund shared
>> similar concerns to the intent behind Twitter's LBO as illegal.
>> Since, market forces suggest that SpaceX and Tesla directors are part of
>> interlocking directorate, self proclaimed the PayPal Mafia. The racket
>> could waterfall to problem(s) at the New York State Department of Financial
>> Services with Superintendent association to D&O insurance regulation.
>> Ms. James, xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC seeks your office's urgent assessment
>> of this matter. We aim to earn approval to explore the New York False
>> Claims Act to confront SpaceX as a racket.
>> *Like a house of cards, the PayPal Mafia  racket could risk a waterfall
>> of D&O  interlocking directorate insolvencies. In summary: *
>>    1. xNY.io - Bank.org's May 21, 2022 memo to SpaceX questioned intent
>>    behind baseless claims pioneered by SpaceX's CEO, branding ESG a scam via
>>    Exxon Mobil. Obviously, Exxon Mobil vs. New York State
>>    <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nLp9RIYw8mAh1SRG8E9PMEK94SV-viUN/view?usp=sharing> alludes
>>    Mr. Musk party to a false claim.
>>    2. SpaceX has failed to establish a preponderance of evidence and
>>    burden of proof not a racket.
>>    3. SpaceX has failed to prove that Twitter's LBO is not false claim
>>    to free speech protection.
>>    4. True social innovation cannot sponsor a fake news racket that
>>    could jeopardize space exploration and war.
>>    5. Twitter's LBO dealmakers (Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase)
>>    company balance sheets, financial statements and other corporate records do
>>    not impact xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC holding a racket accountable to false
>>    claims.
>> The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla leveraging Exxon Mobil as an ESG
>> securities scam does not preclude the PayPal Mafia's intent to engage false
>> claims at the sacrifice of New York State's financial future.
>> Madam Attorney General James, we hope to hear from your esteemed office
>> and learn assessment of best next steps.
>> Thank you,
>> Gunnar
>> --
>> *Gunnar Larson *
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>> New York, New York 10001
>> On Sun, May 22, 2022 at 9:34 AM Gunnar Larson <g at xny.io> wrote:
>>> May 21, 2022
>>> SpaceX Corporation
>>> Board of Directors
>>> One Rocket Road
>>> Hawthorne, California
>>> 90250
>>> Sales at SpaceX.com
>>> Re:  Potential SpaceX Interlocking Directors’ Intent to Manipulate
>>> Markets
>>> Dear SpaceX Board of Directors:
>>> From our New York headquarters, xNY.io - Bank.org, PBC embodies the
>>> notion that rather than a merry-go-round, the process of change and
>>> innovation is like a slide.
>>> Today’s memo aims to notify the SpaceX Corporation of concern of
>>> potential market manipulation that could impact cross-border digital asset
>>> innovation, free speech in the United States of America, the global ESG
>>> economy and Moon exploration.
>>> Please find the attached memo
>>> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lv9Wt6y1ld4bNap0z3epIxttEGiP_oVpfxH0GTSK9lk/edit?usp=sharing>
>>> addressed to SpaceX's board of directors.
>>> Respectfully,
>>> Gunnar Larson
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