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Mon Jan 30 06:39:06 PST 2023

The Temple of Automated Laws

Here, a bunch of laptops are usually rented out to various governments
to constantly run behavioral control inference. Hypnotized workers
huff and puff on them so they don’t overheat.

Except, right now, a small wormhole has opened and a bunch of interns
tied together with robots are sticking out the wormhole.

In their struggles to free themselves from the robots, they have
smashed some of the laptops are using them as tools. Other laptops
receive random keystrokes as they are used for physical leverage or
receive wildly writhing motions of the interns trying to break free

Hypnotized workers dutifully run around making things work, connecting
batteries to traces on broken logic boards, copying data here and
there via ad hoc sneakernet.

A particular cyborg intern has collected a pile of laptops and is
viciously directing many laws at once that result in the robot arms
loosening here or there.

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