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Thu Jan 26 11:43:34 PST 2023

Pushing back out a border crossing mass destroying
murdering invading armed forces is a carefully defined
and limited rhetoric that sane humanity prefers as defense.
But when they start letting hawks generalized 'war' rhetoric roll
without deep public censure, bets off and ships may start sinking.
Be a defensive porcupine instead of taking bait into
being a border crossing offenser. Putin took bait.
Who's next. Be prepared.

>> The Democrats Are Now The War Party
> So is Japan, again...

So is Germany, again...

German Foreign Minister Just Said The Quiet Part Out Loud On Ukraine

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock bluntly stated in fresh
remarks that Western allies are fighting a war against Russia. The
remarks came during a debate at the Parliamentary Assembly of the
Council of Europe (PACE) on Tuesday amid discussions over sending
Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

While Baerbock's words were largely ignored in mainstream media, a
number of pundits on social media noted with alarm that the German
foreign minister just essentially declared war on Russia.

    German foreign minister declares war on Russia
    — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) January 25, 2023

Ironically other German officials have long sought to emphasize their
country is not a party to the conflict, fearing uncontrollable

Contradicting this official stance, Baerbock said the quiet part out
loud, and introduced the comments with: "And therefore I’ve said
already in the last days – yes, we have to do more to defend Ukraine.
Yes, we have to do more also on tanks."

And that's when she asserted: "But the most important and the crucial
part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in
Europe, because we are fighting a war against Russia and not against
each other.”

Interestingly, both Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his former defense
minister who recently resigned, Christine Lambrecht, have been seen as
weak on arming Ukraine - repeatedly declaring an unwillingness to get
pulled deeper into the proxy war aspect to the conflict. But now it
seems the more hawkish Baerbock is willing to at this point be much
more open with the reality of what's happening.

    So germany technically declared war on Russia, just another
Wednesday I guess...
    — War Monitor (@WarMonitors) January 25, 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova seized on the
comments, saying this is yet more proof that the Western allies were
planning a war on Russia all along...

"If we add this to Merkel’s revelations that they were strengthening
Ukraine and did not count on the Minsk agreements, then we are talking
about a war against Russia that was planned in advance. Don’t say
later that we didn’t warn you," Zakharova said.

One thing is for sure, things are moving fast...

    More tanks & support to Ukraine. Three additional B-52 bombers
flying to unknown locations. Russian warships with hypersonic missiles
in the Atlantic. No attempts at negotiating peace.

    If you didn’t recognize the endgame last February, do you understand now?

    Pray for humanity!
    — Aleks Djuricic 🇺🇸⚖️🗽 (@AleksDjuricic) January 25, 2023

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