Morning Spam

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Thu Jan 26 06:31:29 PST 2023

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this is part of my mcboss webcomic draft spam, which started on nov 11
2020 at
. it can be hard to follow them from one month to the next, but there
is no expectation that you read them and often i am spazzing so much
they are very incoherent and/or inconsistent. they are likely a
ridiculous extremification of the things guiding our modern
industrialized lives.

oh also i consider it quite harmful to read. i consider digital memes
harmful in general.

i am a peaceful prude and attribute violent content to being
hypnotically coerced by a violence-supporting cult!

how to mind control your boss:
	1.	while being surveilled to train predictive algorithms, train a
model to predict his behavior.
	2.	loudly proclaim "i love my job! i want to work here forever and
support this busIness with every shred of my being!"
	3.	one moment i have a call from my boss to take, i'll finish list later
/react joking

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