Collapse: Earth Overshoot Day

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Jan 17 00:39:23 PST 2023

> What these Fraudulent Eco-WEF tyrants aren't telling you is...

- What actually powers baseload
- How they plan to charge 100M+ cars at night
- How much of every downstream product and necessary
industry contains and uses Oil Gas cracks.

Energy Transition Farce Continues In Germany
Eugyppius: A Plague Chronicle substack

Once again: You can have intermittent windmill power, or you can put
everyone in a battery-powered car, but you can't do both.

>From Welt:

    Klaus Müller, the president of the German Federal Network Agency
[which regulates gas and electricity], has warned that the growing
number of private electric car charging stations and electric-powered
heat pumps could overload the power grid in Germany. “If very large
numbers of new heat pumps and charging stations continue to be
installed, then we’ll have to worry about overload problems and local
power failures … if we do not act” …

    According to the report, the … regulatory authority considers
local low-voltage grids to be particularly susceptible to disruptions.
The Agency has therefore published a strategy paper planning to ration
the power consumption of heat pumps and electric car charging stations
in times of high network utilisation. … Grid operators would then be
forced to throttle the power supply to these systems … The plans for
electricity rationing are slated to come into effect on 1 January 2024

    Even in the event of power rationing, private charging stations
would be able to draw enough power to charge an electric vehicle
battery within three hours for a range of 50 kilometres, he said.
Additionally … “nearly trouble-free continued operation” should still
be possible for a large number of heat pumps.

It’s just great to hear that your driving might be limited to a
50-kilometre radius at any moment without notice, and also that your
heaters will probably mostly work most of the time. This is what you
get in Germany, for bending to generous state subsidies and messaging
campaigns intended to accelerate the “energy transition,” a magical
fantasy world of the future where everything will be powered by
windmills and everyone will eat bio granola and wear Birkenstocks.

The Ukraine war is a catastrophe, but it has done us at least one
crucial favor, by accelerating the German energy crisis. Because the
truth is that we were always going to end up here, with too many
electrical things and too little electricity to power them. It was
just supposed to happen two or three decades from now, long after the
reigning cast of Green luminaries had retired from public life.

Instead, all of these clowns are facing the mathematically certain and
long-predicted consequences of their false promises right now. And it
looks like their most committed supporters will be the first to suffer
for their foolishness.

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