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https://youtu.be/YjF2jCL1HVU Citizen Journalist BEATS State Attorney
General in Court... self represented.

"Former state Senator Mike Folmer out of prison after serving one year
on child pornography charges." The REAL story is how he hired men to
rape babies on film so he could masturbate to it. He PLED DOWN to 40
years...so Pennsylvania brought in a retired fixer judge to knock it
down to 1 year.

Here- Paragrah 3 -
He agreed to plea to 40 years of State Pen time. Fixer retired pedo
judge installed to keep in county (anything over 2 years is mandatory
state prison).

This is regular Pennsylvania State Practice, they used the same
corrupt judiciary to spring serial rapist Bill Cosby from jail. The
judge they brought in to do this has a NASTY history of being called
up to let pedos off.

Here- Judge Joseph C. Madenspacher, Ground Hog Lodge Master Mason.
They installed him over my case of retaliatory charges for
investigating this Pennsylvnia Pedo racket as press.


That video above shows how I disqualify him for his pedo connections.

Watch the full series of the regime change!

*This is me catching the Chief of Police during a Parade. We show you
that the same cops that would organize the above scandal for a local
crony would also throw a pedo case for a local crony;

* This is the State Judiciary's Real Estate and Bankruptcy racket they
arrested me for covering as press... "Gay-Panic" Murder Defense Judge
Caught in Pedo Scandal -https://youtu.be/32-PeJTcZII

*This is the Set-up of me disqualifying judge #11; How I Recused a
Judge | Twice https://youtu.be/JQerSzKT_kg

* This is me Disqualifying that judge in the court room, pulled
straight from the official record; Real Court Proceedings | Crank
Yankers https://youtu.be/RG29cTQQOcE

* This is me catching the State Attorney General in two felony brady
violations, one for destroying evidence, one for fabricating
evidence..... so she withdraws the related charges so I can't bring
them up in court. Attorney General CAUGHT | Destroys Evidence/
Withdraws Charges https://youtu.be/45GByx6COWA

* This is me BEATING those charges/ the Attorney General in Court...
neither the specially assigned prosecutor nor the specially appointed
judge had jurisdiction; How I Beat The Attorney General in Court

I summarized this racket and submitted it in written motions on the
court record, serving it up to the Attorney general Prosecuting my

Let me link you these court motions below to show you it’s real. All
evidence is cited in document and attached at the end as exhibits.
Sometimes different browsers get blurry, and it works best to open
two; one to read the motion, the other to peruse the exhibits.

The following motion details how the Adams County courthouse grooms
individuals into key positions by admitting them to the racket. I was
motioning to record proceedings because I kept catching the
stenographers changing the report, but it goes on to detail how the
stenographer, my district attorney, and my stabbing assailant are all
admitted to the racket via false bankruptcy/ real estate transactions.


So- motions are capped at 15 pages, so I pulled up short in the above
motion. This motion below details a good section of the real estate
racket. We catch the president of the County BAR utilizing the Real
Estate racket to acquire a house from an active client, using her
daughter as a straw buyer. She has a local BAR member and real estate
titling magnet forge a fraudulent deed for her…. This BAR member is
the father –in-law of Special Agent Michael Carlson, the SA @ the
Attorney General’s Office that pulled out a bogus search warrant and
wiped my phone’s location data for “trespassing.” We show that this is
not the first time the DA has utilized this technique; as they
previously lost child sexual assault pictures to throw a case when it
threatened this same racket. Be advised; it’s verbally graphic.


Again- I did the whole investigation, serving it up to the Deputy
Attorney General of Prosecutions that was prosecuting my case.... and
nothing has happened. This is Epstein/ Olympic Gymnast scandal- level.
It paints our whole judiciary as crooked. Even our Supreme Court Chief
Justice is in on it; he's the one that sprung serial rapist Bill Cosby
from jail.

Anyone up for some retaliatory stops to show you how real this is?

Here is stop #1- The state police following me out of the station
after reporting them throw a pedo investigation;

Here is stop number two setting a trap on a one-way exit-

Here is an off duty stalking me home trespassing into a gated
community and let go by the State Police without even asking me what
happened. https://youtu.be/Mc4xsa4kRK4

Everything I got is free to use, share, embed, link, or poke fun at!
This story is massively shadowbanned, it’s only going to break with
help from people like you sharing it with your friends and interested
parties. Thanks ya,ll! Much love!!!

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