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*Records Requested From*
Department of Financial Services
Division of the Budget
Department of Taxation and Finance
*Short Title*
Coinbase $100M Settlement Investigation Records
Dear Madam or Sir: xNY.io - Bank.org kindly seeks access to any and all
records concerning New York State's investigation of Coinbase, comprising
the $100M settlement mentioned here:
We are requesting all public records from 2018 to 2022 concerning New
York's aforementioned Coinbase investigation. Moreover, xNY.io - Bank.org
seeks access to any and all records concerning New York's regulatory
scrutiny (and/or approval) of Goldman Sachs' partnership with Coinbase,
issuing the bank's first Bitcoin loan mentioned here:
In addition, xNY.io - Bank.org seeks any and all records concerning New
York's approach to Coinbase and Goldman Sachs compliance programs mandated
by the United States Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Fraud
Section and Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section mentioned here:
Finally, xNY.io - Bank.org seeks records concerning New York's regulatory
approval of Coinbase engaging a fine of $50M to implement heightened
controls and additional procedures and policies relating to electronic
surveillance and investigation, due diligence on transactions or clients
and the use of third-party intermediaries across business units; and
enhancing anti-corruption training for all management and relevant
employees. Warm regards, Gunnar Larson Gunnar Larson xNY.io - Bank.org
*Uploaded Files*
*FOIL Response Format*
*If fees apply, please contact me if costs will be greater than*

Your FOIL request has been forwarded to the organization(s) you selected,
and the respective Records Access Officer will contact you directly for
further processing of your request. Please allow up to five business days
for such communication(s). For your convenience, here is additional contact

Department of Financial Services
One State Street
20th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Division of the Budget
State Capitol
Room 128
Albany, NY 12224

Department of Taxation and Finance
W.A. Harriman Campus
Bldg 9, Room 100,
Albany, NY 12227
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