A protocol for passing cryptographically signed messages around a peer to peer network.

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A world of people are growing in the general direction of a concept which
has been theorized published debated decades before yet which most of
these new minds haven't heard of yet, thus they are not yet able to
articulate and name what it is that they may end up describing.
What form these global motions will take is yet unknown.

Eliezer Yudkowsky @ESYudkowsky
That's not the proposal; the proposal is to have a
conditional-prediction-market like 'stock price conditional on the CEO
being fired' and 'stock price conditional on the CEO not being fired'.
Jim Rutt @jim_rutt
Not illegal to fire CEO for stock market performance. Just embed it
into employment contract.

Eliezer Yudkowsky @ESYudkowsky
Reminder: the obvious thing to do about CEO performance variation is
fire-the-CEO conditional stock markets, a drum @robinhanson has been
beating forever; and which is of course illegal just like the vast
majority of all possible innovation is now illegal.
Ethan Mollick @emollick 19 Dec 2022
There has been a debate in the academic literature about how much the
CEO affects firm performance, but more recent work suggests very large
effects. Up to a third of firm performance stems from the CEO, with
shorter-tenure CEOs having the biggest impact.
Robbier @Raybungle
Long term seniority exchange. Election cycles too.

Transportation, deliveries, housing, food, finance, energy,
infrastructure, governance: all can and should be provided
peer-to-peer with no government involvement. All people deserve to
exit broken systems. We are building a destination they can exit to.
Arcade City.

Everyone, soon, indeed.

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