War re Ukraine: Thread

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Fri Jan 13 19:09:41 PST 2023

Putin's took the bait and initiated mass
invasion warfare murder and destruction.
History shows that once someone takes the bait,
all bets are off, and risk goes ballistic.
Be prepared.

Anonymous Operations @AnonOpsSE
#Anonymous #OpSerbia #KiraSec #Ukraine Domain of the Republic of
Serbia hacked. 🔗 inokomerc.co.rs Glory to Ukraine! Fuck Russia and
Serbia. Stop WAR! So we stop! Serbs stop supporting russia! This Site
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Walter Report 🇺🇦 @walter_report
russian HQ in Soledar swatted with the help of @thunderbirdsua

Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 @Heroiam_Slava
💪"The situation in Soledar is absolutely controlled. All borders are
preserved and under the full control of the Armed Forces" There are
559 civilians in Soledar, including 15 children. Due to active
hostilities, it is impossible to evacuate them now

АЗОВ South @Azovsouth
The Rashists failed an attempt to encircle #Soledar, instead this
particular attempts costed them equipments and 💀☠. Despite repeated
and suicide attempts the Rashists have failed to make any significant
tactical progress in #Bakhmut. Вірте в ЗСУ🇺🇦
АЗОВ South @Azovsouth
🔥The Battles for #Soledar. The enemy continues to suffer heavy
losses💀☠. Our forces are well equipped and are in good spirits.
Believe in the Armed forces🇺🇦✊🏻

Iuliia Mendel @IuliiaMendel
Surovikin was removed from the position of the commander of the joint
troops in Ukraine, and became a deputy of the Chief of the RU General
Staff Valery Gerasimov.

1/ The similarity of the speeches of putin and hitler are enormous,
not just rhetorically but also about the content and their views. The
way their Propaganda works and what it tells is shockingly similair.

The last Lithuanians saw on their TVs 32 years ago. Tonight (the night
from Jan 12 to 13), 32 years ago, Moscow attempted to re-occupy
Lithuania. 14 killed, hundreds wounded, some of them for life.

English Luhansk @loogunda
Dec31 #Makiivka, Donetsk oblast (occupied): Russian mobiks ready to
welcome the upcoming GMLRS rockets that would come soon

MilitaryLand.net @Militarylandnet
📽️Ukrainian troops, with a Wagner prisoner, in Krasna Hora near #Soledar.

Jay in Kyiv @JayinKyiv
Thread. Wagner trash is going to be destroyed.
ChrisO_wiki @ChrisO_wiki
1/ Yevgeny Prigozhin's apparently premature announcement of Soledar's
capture has reportedly led to a desperate push by Wagner to make it a
reality. Wagner is fighting without regard for casualties, not just to
gain Soledar, but for Prigozhin's reputation.

NO WAR! @Milan8662
The 66th brigade shows the destruction of orc vehicles

KyivPost @KyivPost
“The war will end at the 1991 borders with a tribunal…” - the head of
the President’s Office Mikhail Podolyak. Михайло Подоляк @Podolyak_M
Once again about the official position. 1. The RF shouldn’t hope for a
repeat of the 2014 scenario: "we kill you, you pay us with your lands,
we take a break, then we come to kill you again." 2. The war will end
at the 1991 borders with a tribunal, reparations and life sentences.

The main roads connecting Bakhmut and Soledar with Sloviansk and
Kostyantynivka are under the full control of the Ukrainian Armed
Forces. The enemy tried to break through to the road, but all attempts
failed with devastating consequences for the enemy. Filmed at Bakhmut.

Russia’s UN ambassador: Ukraine has become a private NATO enterprise,
supplied with money, weapons, reconnaissance and targeting intel.

Ukraine is a de facto member of NATO and is spilling the blood of
Ukrainians to advance NATO objectives, Ukraine’s defense minister

Kamala Harris explains on cards why the US government is at war with
Russia: - Ukraine is a country in Europe, it exists next to another
country called Russia. Russia is a larger country. Russia is a
powerful country. She attacked the smaller one, well, that's not right
at all'

US may lose control of world finance due to conflict in Ukraine —
French expert Emmanuel Todd is certain that the United States is in a
phase of long-term decline and, against the backdrop of its waning
influence in the world

Exclusive documents! US Providing for Border Security of Ukraine but
NOT to their OWN Border Security!⚡ And guess who oversaw Ukrainian
Border Security Service as well as US Military Biological Programs in
Ukraine? You're right! Victoria "Cookies Queen" Nuland!

There has been further confirmation that some units of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut direction are using chemical weapons.

Russia: 'Liberation' of Soledar completed on evening of January 12

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