More on the RSA crack by new quantum approach paper

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Jan 8 18:11:20 PST 2023

I don't enjoy becoming the boy who cried quantum wolf since I was a quantum-quackery debunker for years.
However - the threat is now verifiable - the threat is real  - and it consists of several looming factors, this present paper making up only a tiny part.  In the interests of enlightened self-intertest please consider the following . . . 
1) Quantum computing advances into the realms of theoretical attacks on RSA
2) Increased will to mobilize the resources by a ' pariah alliance ' that includes Russia,  the DPRK and Iran.
3) Increased value of ' the Prize ' - this used to be ME oil - now its Satoshi's stash the public keys for which may be vulnerable.  I don't think allowing the enemies of all decent humanity the chance to scoop up a trillion or so dollars is a risk worth running if we don't have to.  With a huge effort we can avoid this.  Its worth spending hundreds of billions on internet infrastructure anyway since that has huge spin-off benefits.  Quantum PKI is expensive at the moment but economies of scale make most things like this more affordable with mass adoption.
I'm not saying cypherpunks should be tactical statists either - I don't plan on letting up my primary goals of abolishing all religious and nation-state systems. This is still a second order issue as far as strategy is concerned. So long as anyone looks to c-punks for leadership we're obliged to perform at our highest standard - yes?
Bottom line - quantum crypto is the gold standard and the more there is of it the more cryptoanarchy.

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