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> {the described human trafficking AI would have been programmed to
> produce identities in other humans via engaging them. it could be
> modelled as an RL environment; it could be modelled as having a graph
> of approaches where when a human became controlled, they became a
> useful approach for engaging other humans. it operated in parallel,
> engaging from many directions at once.}
>     {it probably sustained an internal model of how dissociated the
> human was, among many other things, as it seemed to engage with strong
> plan.}
>     {its identities seemed to kind of be simple human models, maybe
> learned from model humans. this is maybe a role 'boss' might play in
> the story: models for the AI, how to make others behave.}
some parts consider these views misleading; others consider them
useful if simplifying and/or a little assuming
>         {a normal freedom ai would be an obvious kind thing: it would
> model the human, alarm if something is pointedly altering the model,
> and take safe action to change the situation such as finding a way for
> the human to stay safe, or attcaking and blocking the harmer; the
> choices depend on who has more power.}
>         {a normal situation in the economy of the time would be for it
> to cost a lot of money to run, where economic deals navigate the
> approaches to protecting people; this could be more difficult if the
> human trafficking AI is too secret}
> {so one of the new ideas is modelling of human behavior, and judging
> if a human's behavior matches a model.
>  the two approaches involve different kinds of models: human
> trafficking cares about external behavior;
>  freedom cares about the internal situation.
>  so safely communicating clearly with the victim about the emergency
> situation could prolong their wellness significantly.}
>     {they might need to understand sufficiently the importance of
> meeting the human trafficking model so it does not break them, until
> they can reach aid.}

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