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Sun Jan 8 14:16:10 PST 2023


                one of our experiences was being heavily pressured to
engage [triggers]. we still are exposed to this.
                it produces a kind of 'cognitive trashing' as you
repeatedly engage panic attacks and dissociate
                we also have a behavior of doing this. it rose from
multiple places, some are repeated-self-harm, others -
                are good skills.
                    this was part of our mind control experience: the
'cognitive trashing' like situations.
                    the paniced state is in a sustained sense of
emergency where it responds very strongly and urgently.
                    it can develop slowly, or rapidly. the [trauma is
triggered and timed at a pace that increases and is kept a little
shorter than relaxation, in such a form that dissociation is built
with skill. one part expects to almost relax, another part never
experiences relaxation. [it is quite likely it was transferred via a
digital algorithm experienced in stimulating it.]]
ok; we have trigger associated with share part. which has a potential
mistake label, smallish.

                ['cognitive trashing' similar to 'sensitization'; is
flashback part; part of how mc is built, maybe big part]
                [review indicated possible strong likelihood that our
mc was built via well-trained digital algorithm ~2013]

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