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Sun Jan 8 00:37:17 PST 2023
Ruby Freeman via Cobb County Police Bodycam
“It is serious. It is deep. It is so real...the USB ports, I really
would love to go live with that because the ballots is history...Now
it’s the USB ports. So I need an attorney. I want to go live, I’ll go
live on every platform because it is going to blow your mind.”

Another state... 100,000 plus ballots found dumped into the
count with no authentication.
Why do we even care about @GOP having the majority when they made this
guy Speaker? Congratulations GOP on your new DEMOCRAT Speaker of the
House, Kevin McCarthy! The US House Speaker is a proud member of the
World Economic Forum! Thanks for betraying us all ⁦@HouseGOP⁩! Notice
last night when McCarthy became Speaker of the House, Democrats were
clapping! That’s a bad sign. You don’t want a Speaker who Democrats
are happy to see in power.
You might just wake up tomorrow morning and find out that your country
is over forever. I’ll tell you right now, America is done forever if
Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House. Mark my word. If he
becomes Speaker, he will implement New World Order. He’s a member of
Kevin McCarthy is salivating at the idea of becoming Speaker before
midnight on the anniversary of J6. This should show you how weak
@GOPLeader would be if he was Speaker of the House. Republicans have
the majority in the House,& they allowed for Capitol Police to
barricade the Capitol today for the sake of theatrics on J6. I
confirmed w/ police. Barricades are not for the vote.
Laura Loomer @LauraLoomer
WATCH: I’m in Washington DC on the 2yr anniversary of J6 while the
vote(s) for Speaker of the House continue! Capitol Police have
barricaded the entire Capitol only for J6. No private citizen or
independent journalist can enter to speak w/ their rep on this
important day.#Tyranny

How can anyone who is honest look at this picture & not question their
relationship? Her husband just divorced her, & Kevin is still married.
This is a very bizarre level of closeness for these two to have. MTG
is hanging all over Kevin & it’s not the 1st time this week either.
If you call yourself a “Conservative” and you were supporting Kevin
McCarthy for Speaker, then you need to educate yourself more on his
terrible voting record. @laralogan is spot on.🔥 There was no shortage
of pro McCarthy dummies out there who can’t even tell you how he
McCarthy voted for: - same sex marriage - vax mandates for military -
$100B for Ukraine - to use Medicare to fund USPS - drafting of women -
J6 committee - DC as the 51st state - amnesty for DACA.
Kevin McCarthy and his goons are criminals. They are now threatening
assault against people who vote against McCarthy on the FLOOR OF THE
Jim Lokay @LokayFOX5
Were they close to blows?!? This is like an episode of Maury. Moments
after Gaetz’s present vote….
Here is video of Mike Rodgers about to get in a fight with @mattgaetz
and @laurenboebert. The guy who pulled Rodgers back grabbed at his
Something about Rep. Paul Gosar’s body language doesn’t look right
here. Rep. Gaetz looks shocked, and so does the fat weirdo sitting
next to Gosar as he utters “McCarthy”, just before exiting the
chamber. What the HELL is going on here?
Ashli Babbitt's mom arrested for nothing.

US Congress gets drunk on your dime while literally in the Capitol Building.

Joe Biden signed a 4,000 page bill while vacationing in the Virgin
Islands. They flew the $1.7 trillion bill to him so he didn't have to
be inconvenienced with flying back to DC to sign this absolute

That lawsuit is MY RICO lawsuit. Twitter is so scared of MY lawsuit,
they went rogue on their own new owner and hired Hillary Clinton’s
lawyers against the orders of @elonmusk because Twitter Legal is so
adamant about making my bombshell lawsuit go away. It’s not going
Reuters Legal
Jan 6
Elon Musk said in an email to Reuters on Friday that hiring law firm
Perkins Coie to defend Twitter in a California federal lawsuit this
week was a mistake that the company would not make again. Read The
Afternoon Docket Subscribe
Laura Loomer @LauraLoomer
Jan 6
My RICO case was filed in May 2022, before @elonmusk bought Twitter.
For those asking, no, I did not sue Elon Musk. I sued Twitter, @Jack,
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, P&G, and the FBI.

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