U.S. jewnazi war against Russia

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 21:39:27 PST 2023

Instead of saying that all Govts suck, including RU and US,
Juan's claimed innocent and preferred Govt of Russia to Declare Martial Law,
force bribe and brainwash 100k's into slavery and throw them kids
to their deaths, not even in voluntarily defending their own border from
from actively invading hordes, but by marching them as invader
across someone else's border. Russia bombed hundred of civilian
apartment buildings. Juan also failed to post all the videos of the
Russian mothers screaming in protest against the Russian Agents
who came to take their sons into the military.
Juan the Two Faced King of Anarchism sure does defend military
murderers slavers and rulers like Putin and Biden and Alberto.
Time for Juan to admit that RU CN Argie Saud US BR IN
CA NZ TR MX UK FR DE SP JP and all the hundred+ rest of Govts,
and Democracies, just plain suck.

Russia To Mobilize An Extra 500,000 Conscripts This Month, Ukraine Says


... the Russian government is planning a major new mobilization order,
complete with martial law and a closure of the borders for all men of
fighting age.
... Moscow is preparing to call up an additional 500,000 conscripts in
January, following the 'partial mobilization' which included 300,000
extra troops in October, which proved hugely controversial inside
Russia as tens of thousands reportedly fled military service.

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