the war in russia and the jewnazi grancrap - grarpamp @

punk punks at
Sat Jan 7 14:08:48 PST 2023

	When grancrap talks about the demrats we can hear very loud hysterical screeches accusing the demrats of being 'the far left'.  Listening to grancrap's hysterical screeches one would assume that grancrap himself isn't a demrat. I mean he's trying to sound like he doesn't like them...?

	Consider now the current US war against russia, fought for world domination. The war was started in 2014 by the demrat obomba and put into high gear by the demrat biden in 2022 - the two supreme demrat commanders. It's rather clear that demrats are the most insane, anti-human warmongers in the known universe. 

	And now it gets really amusing, because the anti-human jewnazi grancrap who pretends to  hysterically whine about the demrats, is the same anti-human jewnazi who ONLY PARROTS BIDEN WAR PROPAGANDA. 

	Yeah, the only thing grancrap does is parrot anti-russia, PRO-BIDEN-PENTAGON PROPAGANDA.


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