Evita Peron quotes Ron Paul

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jan 5 12:05:36 PST 2023

Several libertarian scholars criticize Rand Paul severely. Not just because he's wrong, but because the old libertarian position that racism is a private right is embarassing to them.
NEW 5/10: The lesson of Rand Paul: libertarianism is juvenile.
Gabriel Winant's Salon article declaring: "Libertarianism itself is what's stupid here, not just Paul. We should stop tip-toeing around this belief system [....]"
NEW 12/07: Ron Paul: Quackery enabler
Orac's heavily linked post at Respectful Insolence is a good starting place for why Ron Paul is a loon. No other candidate sets off the alarms of skeptics for science, medicine, economics, racism, and religion the way Ron Paul does.
NEW 2/08: FAQ: Ron Paul and his Racist Newsletter
Ron Lawl provides a convenient FAQ rebutting the myriad excuses made for Ron Paul's longstanding activities with racists. Part of The Ron Paul Survival Report blog.
NEW 2/08: Ron Paul's record in Congress
Ron Paul's bizarre track record as a congressman, particularly those bills he sponsored or co-sponsored.
NEW 4/08: Ron Paul Is Crazy
A YouTube video from WebPundit points out why Ron Paul is an unrealistic candidate: because he offends almost everybody in one way or another.

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