Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin's Code Untrustable Nor Private, Privacy Coming, Build It

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Jan 4 22:11:11 PST 2023

Some say one reason BTC's blockchain is public, to use the
chain to catch and fix code bugs, implying its code is crap,
regardless that alert keys were dropped.

Today, especially 14 years and no more excuses later, any
public chains are a downgrade to all prior sound money...
P2P cash, gold, silver, chickens, commodity, barter, labor...
such chains are intentionally created used and even PnD'd by Power
to spy, control, attack, slave, permission, and screw Humanity...
this is an explicitly non-trustable and intolerable situation.

Open, audited, fuzzed, and formally verified code...
That is one factor enabling trust in privacy-enabled cryptocurrencies.
If the code cannot reasonably be found to print or eat money, then go
for and run it, and let the more and last Authoritarians and their Tyrannies
expose themselves by throwing their silly FUD at the strong cryptoprivacy
future, their futility and demise will be noted.

Such code, to suitable degree, for a simple privacy-enabled sound
crypto money is now within reach. So go do it! Become the future,
don't keep wasting time rolling out, accepting, tolerating, shilling,
adopting, or using any more downgrades.

BTC is first-gen, a downgrade, and one that will eventually
be surpassed by privacy coins... the privacy encoded in DNA
of Human Nature that supports Human resistance to Tyranny,
this will demand and ensure replacement of such legacy coins
for that reason alone.

Budget another 15 years for BTC, another ATH or so,
until it is overtaken by simple private P2P money.

The only way BTC survives without privacy, is if
Human Mind adopts a Global Utopian Non-Privacy Society
upon DNA sooner. That is quite unlikely anytime soon.

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